Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eau De Sour Milk Cologne

Meet Little Miss Brie

This little ball of pudgy is Brie, aka Buddha. She just started smiling the other day, and these chubby faced smiles make my heart cry tears of pure happiness.

After almost two months of having her home with us, I am ready to take on the task of taking BOTH girls out and about with me, all by myself. Usually I have my husband to help me when we go out, but he is deploying again in 2012, so I have to get used to it sooner or later. Those of you that don't have children, probably think I'm overreacting, but my fears are very valid. My biggest fear is one or both of the girls getting mad/fussy/screaming/crying right in the middle of me checking out of the grocery store. Which can being easily overwhelming for myself and everyone around me. Time to face my fears, war stories to come when we return.
My Princesses

*Sigh*. . . That brilliant idea was cut short, with multiple babies, you must ALWAYS expect the unexpected. Before I could even step foot out of the door, I was covered in baby vomit in less than 30 seconds flat. Brie is the current title holder for record projectile vomit distance. Bravo little Buddha, you have quite a talent. After two complete wardrobe changes, Spot-Shotting most of my living room carpet and momentarily contemplating pulling my hair out, I decided against attempting to take the girls out today. The deal breaker: Asking my two year old to pick up her toys, she responded, "Uh . . . No way Mommy. You bad!"  Wait, What? YOU bad, sassy britches. I can't wait until she's a teenager. . . Hmm, I take that back!

While I continue to gather what's left of my sanity; laundry, lunch, baths, and naps are in order.  Contrary to popular belief, little princesses are not always sweet little angels.

S(p)it Happens!!

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